NUTMEG is a hardcore/pop band originating from the industrial town of Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden; a town mostly known for its never-ending supply of hockey players to the NHL. This could soon change since NUTMEG are starting to make a name for themselves. When the debut album The Trigger was released in 2008 it managed to reach outside the hardcore community and earned a place in Groove Magazine’s top 10 best albums of the year list. When the Monty Python inspired video for the song ”Oh Oh Ooh!” got on YouTube it rapidly reached over 80 000 views. Groove Magazine had the following to say about the debut:

“I never thought Sweden could spawn this kind of talent… It’s so goddamn good, so fucking angry, uncompromising and intense that I just sit here and stare. I haven’t heard anything remotely close to this since At the Drive-In were in their prime. You’ve got Fugazi, Jon Spencer and wonderful Souls, organs, hardcore screams, ska guitars, galloping drums, choruses to die for and the nightlife of Örnsköldsvik in a brilliant mix.”

NUTMEG cant’ be described much better than that. But even so, you have to see the band live to get the full experience. Recently, the band did a short tour of Sweden to promote the release of ”Space” – the first single from the upcoming sophomore effort Basement Riot. A music blogger who attended the Stockholm gig says:

“Their 2008 album ‘The Trigger’ worked as a trigger for many who never knew they could enjoy hardcore. That’s the real beauty of post-hardcore, it has moved past the limitations to broaden the palette of the expression. This is why it appeals to a larger audience and also why it works quite well onstage for Nutmeg as well.”

NUTMEG has been, and always will be, a hard working and touring band. All the inner frustration that the five band members are carrying around has to be channeled into explosive live shows in order for them to maintain any kind of normality outside the stage. The singer Henrik Lundqvist has oftentimes been compared to the legendary Dennis Lyxzén of Refused fame – in regards both to the vocal style and stage presence. In other words – those attending a NUTMEG gig won’t have worry about getting bored. However, you have to watch it or you might get hit in the head by a microphone getting swinged in a lasso fashion over the head of the front man, regardless of whether he’s on stage or on the floor with the crowd!

Basement Riot is mastered and ready to be put out. Only the mere detail concerning which label will get the honor of releasing it remains.


  • Henke – Vocals/guitars
  • Johan – Drums
  • BQ – Guitars/vocals
  • Träsk – Organs
  • Makka – Bass